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Docutrak has been the leading litigation support service in the southwestern United States for over five years. From retrieving medical records to issuing subpoenas, Docutrak has provided timely, accurate documents to clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small, private firms. Our success has largely been due to the level of commitment provided to our clients and their individual needs; patented, technologically advanced software to process each order faster and more efficiently; and the comprehensive array of top quality services we offer.

At Docutrak, commitment to our clientele and responsiveness to each of their unique needs is an integral part of our business. Each of our service representatives and field agents are extensively trained and continually monitored to ensure top quality service and performance. Docutrak’s services are customized to each client because our trained professionals learn and then respond to their individual needs and preferences. Any questions or problems you have will be promptly addressed by your own service representative. Each document is accurate, on time and hand delivered to its destination. Our ordering options are also designed to be all-inclusive, giving clients the choice of phone, email, mail, fax, or our user friendly website form to relay their data. At Docutrak, commitment to customer satisfaction is not only illustrated by our service and performance, but by the fact that our clients keep coming back to us for all of their litigation needs.

Docutrak’s proprietary software is unparalleled in its ability to retrieve and provide documents faster and more efficiently than any other legal service available. Each order is automatically entered and calculated in our state of the art system, producing accurate and timely, customized reports. Most importantly, our clients can specify, to the smallest detail, how they like to review their documents. Our patented software possesses the ability to customize each report to the exact preference of the client, making it a truly hassle-free and gratifying experience.

Docutrak’s success is also due to the broad-spectrum of top quality services offered. From record retrieval to billing we provide complete legal services to any company. Docutrak is constantly adapting to the needs of our clients as well as the changing legal practice, and as a result our list of services grows every year.

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