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   DocuTraK, LLC
   2502 E. University Dr.
   Suite 270
   Phoenix, AZ 85034

   TEL: (602) 258-0008
   FAX: (602) 258-0007
   Toll Free: (877) 836-2887

At Docutrak, our main goal is to help our clients alleviate the headaches of retrieving records. We know it is a labor intensive and time consuming process. Our job is to take the stress off of our clients and perform the same arduous task they would have to if they were gathering these records.

We have a simple order form that you can fill out on-line. Once you have completed that form your job in gathering records is now over. All that is required from you at this point is to submit the information on the form to us. From there, we enter that data into our system and service your order immediately. Our experienced staff has the capabilities to create subpoenas, issue them and then serve them to the record providers. We also provide authorization service.

Once the record provider is served, we then have our CSRs on the phones setting up and scheduling times for us to retrieve the records. In many cases we will have field agents at the providers to scan the files on premises, eliminating the use of the providerís employee and creating an even more efficient process.

As soon as the records are copied they are brought back to our office where we process them. Based on each clientís preferences, we offer complete, customizable options for reviewing the records. Once the records are processed they are hand delivered by our account executives.

This is a very simplistic overview of what we do. So much more goes into making these records available in a timely fashion for our clients. The only thing to remember is that at Docutrak our focus is service.

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